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Image of Ocmulgee National Monument Visitor Center on hanging metal ornament. Has a 2D effect of the Visitor Center . Ornament is flat on the back. 

Measures  2 3/4" in diameter


The Art Moderne Visitor Center:

The Ocmulgee National Monument is the Visitor Center, the only Art Moderne building in the National Park System. Designed by NPS Architect James T. Swanson, the building is a showplace of the Art Moderne style with smooth concrete surfaces, rounded corners, and glass block wrapping the entrance. A deep red frieze near the roof line depicts a stylized Lamar pottery design based on Native American pottery found onsite. Construction was begun in May, 1938, with the work being completed by CCC and WPA crews. Work on the building was halted due to World War II buit the building was completed in 1951.


Add this metal holiday ornament to your collection.


Ocmulgee National Monument Metal Ornament

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